Going Natural

2019-03-27 13.38.09s.jpg
2019-03-27 13.39.22.jpg

For the past two years, I have been growing out my hair for the day that it was long enough to cut away the part that I colored. I wanted to go back to a more natural style and see just what my hair was doing under that color. Today I found out. Nearly all the added color has been snipped away and I feel. much lighter.

The owner of the salon said the look made me look younger. But of course, he would have to say that. He can’t say, “You look like a spotted hyena wearing stripes.” That would be rude and bad for business.

I thanked him and told the stylist that wasn’t what I was going for. “Age appropriate, was what I was after.”

Hopefully I hit that mark. Now up update all my author photos. Ugh!!