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Two near-fatal accidents on their honeymoon put an FBI agent and Tribal Police Detective back on high alert.

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High Plains Bride

October 10, 2019

To rescue their daughter…
…they must reunite.

When Thomas West came home from the goldfields, it was to find he’d been betrayed by his brother and the girl who swore to be true. Now, fourteen years later, he finds the woman he loved at his door demanding his help because his brother is dead, and their daughter has been captured by the Sioux. Not his brother’s daughter… Thomas’ daughter.

Sarah West claims Thomas was reported dead, leaving her in trouble with a broken promise to return. When she discovered he was alive, she was already a mother and married to is brother. Now he is going to help her save their daughter.

The two estranged lovers set out for the Great Plains to rescue their daughter, but can they mend broken fences— and heal their broken hearts?

Releasing November 2019 - WARNING SHOT

Warning Shot - Nov. 2019

Warning Shot - Nov. 2019


When an agent teams up with a local sheriff,

she doesn’t realize his secret could endanger their lives…

With Homeland Security on high alert, Rylee Hockings heads into the field to thwart a foreign threat. But local county sheriff Axel Trace doesn’t want the newbie federal agent treading on his turf. As he learns to accept her help, the stakes rise as he realizes he’ll have to reveal a secret that could jeopardize her case—and cost them their lives.

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Jenna Kernan

Jenna Kernan is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of thirty-five novels in four genres including gripping romantic suspense, paranormal shifter romance, Western historical adventure romance and psychological thrillers. A critically acclaimed and award-winning author, Jenna Kernan’s novels have been twice-nominated for the RITA award, won the Book Buyer’s Best award and been selected for a Top-Pick by RT Book Review. Readers describe her stories as heart-stopping, imaginative, thrilling, gritty, action-packed, fast-paced and flat-out good. She lives on Florida's west coast with her family.

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Protectors at Heart

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Apache Protectors: Wolf Den

Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder

Apache Protectors

Trail Blazers series

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