Meet the Protectors at Heart

Defensive Action

My new series, Protectors at Heart kicks of in July 2019 with Defensive Action. This series starter features a CIA operative’ whose efforts to recover missing intel and stay one step ahead of foreign agents entangles adventure-adverse urbanite in a high-stakes overland race through the Adirondack mountains.


The complete series of four are all pieces of a larger puzzle but can easily be enjoyed separately. It’s not necessary to read all or read them in order to enjoy them.

Defensive Action (July 19) introduces secret intel on a terrorist organization

Adirondack Attack (August 19) is a live and death struggle to keep that intel out of the hands of US officials

Warning Shot (Nov 19) Homeland Security tries to stop the terrorists on the border

Dangerous Conditions (Dec 19) local law enforcement fight to shut down a sleeper cell who harbor dangerous intent

One of my new writing habits is to select actors to use as models for the hero and heroine’s physicality. This trick keeps my descriptions on track and prevents me from annoying mistakes, like changing the hero’s eye color in the middle of the story.

For the series first book, Defensive Action, I’ve used actors Chris Pratt and Keira Knightley as my models. Their descriptions were sent to the art department at Harlequin and the cover is created from this information as well as the setting details.

DA inspire.png

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