FREE Online Read from Jenna Kernan

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My first FREE online read is now available on Harlequin’s website. One chapter will release per workday and so the first few chapters are up right now. There are 19 chapters total and this is a very fast-paced romantic suspense!

This story is a prequel and tie-in story to my 2019 four-book series, Protectors at Heart.  Book 1 in that series, Survival Instinct, arrives in July 2019.

I had originally called the story Compromised, thinking of a government agent whose cover had been blown. But Harlequin, wishing to better market the story, wanted to add a keyword (searchable and popular). They suggested we add the word Sheriff to the title and had come up with, Compromised by the Sheriff, as a possibility. Well, that title means something very different to me than having one's cover blown. I’m not sure I want my readers thinking that I write the sort of sheriff who goes about compromising the heroine. I suggested Shielded by the Sheriff as an compromise. With all parties happy, we have used that title. Phew!

I hope you will let me know if you enjoy this free short story so I’ll know if you would like more free romantic suspense stories from me!