Pre-order Promotion

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Would you like some cool swag?  Read on …


  • Pre-order ALL 3 Trail Blazer books (Turner’s Woman, Winter Woman, The Trapper) and receive the complete swag package of three Trail Blazers stickers, a signed Trail Blazers bookmark, a Trail Blazers bookplate and a window decal! 

  • Pre-order any 2 Trail Blazer books and receive the swag package of two Trail Blazers stickers, a signed Trail Blazers bookmark and a Trail Blazers bookplate

  • Pre-order any Trail Blazer book and receive the swag package of a Trail Blazers sticker and a signed Trail Blazers bookmark.

WHERE: Mailed to YOU, if you pre-order before January 21, 2019 (US addresses only)

HOW: Send a copy of your proof of purchase AND your address to with the header TRAIL BLAZERS.  Proof of purchase includes any of these: an email, screenshot or digital photo of your receipt.

Questions? Ask via email ( on Instagram or Twitter (@jennakernan). This is my way of saying thank you to all my readers who have supported and cheered my books and writers journey.  The Trail Blazers series are re-releases of the first three books I ever published, and I am so thrilled to bring them back to you again.

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