Shadow Wolf

Coming December 2015

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Welcome to my website! I write romantic suspense that blends adventure and romance. I have a wonderful new series for Harlequin Intrigue, APACHE PROTECTORS, featuring four brothers defending their reservation from drug cartels while searching for the little sister they thought had died nine years earlier.  Book one, SHADOW WOLF, arrives in December and book two, HUNTER MOON, hits stores in January 2016.  I also have a new Western Historical coming in 2016.  My other titles include plenty of paranormal romance for the Nocturne line and Western Historical romance from Harlequin Historicals.  I hope you'll come along on one of my adventures. There's also plenty to explore here at my web home. Enjoy!

08-31-15 :: Female Warriors
Have you ever dreamed for the impossible? My heroine, Snow Raven, is a Western historical character of the Crow nation who feels trapped by her role as a woman. She does not like preparing hides, preparing meals and preparing lodges. All she wants is to hunt and raid like her brother and the father who raised her. In short, she wants to be a warrior. Now this would be impossible in many cultures. But many Native American tribes were more tolerant of differences. A man could take on the care-giving role of a woman or stay home and paint medicine symbols on shields and lodges. And, rarely, a woman did decided to follow the way of the warrior. The question is how will she become a warrior and earn her place among the brave protectors of her tribe especially after she is captured by an enemy warrior. Read More...


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