Turquoise Guardian

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Carter Bear Den is a proud Apache of the Turquoise Canyon Reservation. The former US Marine is a member of the Turquoise Guardians working to protect his people and their land. When he discovers a grisly mass shooting at the Lilac Copper Mine, Carter’s one thought is to find Amber Kitcheyan.

After breaking her engagement to Carter and relinquishing her membership with the reservation, Amber found work at the mine. Now she is the sole survivor of the shooting—at best a witness, at worst a suspect. But Carter swears to protect the only woman he has ever loved, even if it means losing everything else.


I write gritty, intense romantic suspense featuring strong women and tough men. Folks describe my stories as riveting, original, captivating and “flat-out good.” I call them riveting romantic suspense. My newest story from Harlequin Intrigue arrives in January 2017 as the bestselling APACHE PROTECTORS series continues with TURQUOISE GUARDIAN #1, EAGLE WARRIOR #2, FIREWOLF #3 and THE WARRIOR’S WAY #4.

Missed the original APACHE SERIES?

Check my book page or follow these links for how to get yours: SHADOW WOLF, HUNTER MOON, TRIBAL LAW, NATIVE BORN. All the books in this series made the Amazon 100 Best lists and one was both a Publishers Weekly bestseller and an RT TOP PICK. If you like emotionally charged, engrossing romances then you are in the right place!

“There's intrigue, suspense and a flaring hot romance.”

~*~RT Book Reviews on TRIBAL LAWNATIVE BORN~*~

Next Up: My APACHE PROTECTORS series continues TURQUOISE GUARDIAN arrives in January 1 and introduces a new tribe of Apache Protectors.
When an Apache hotshot rescues his former fiancé from a mass slaying, his timing makes them both the only witnesses and the prime suspects.

~*~APACHE PROTECTORS by Jenna Kernan~*~

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