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December 2014

So many blessings under my tree
including six release in 2014.

REVIEWS: “THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE is emotionally moving plus extraordinarily unique.” — A Richards, Cataromance

Kernan makes the existence of werewolves almost believable, as is the budding relationship between Sonia and Johnny. The story is full of actin, and the chemistry builds nicely.” — Alexandra Kay, RT Book Reviews.

RELEASETHE SHIFTER’S CHOICE: is available in paperback on February 17 in a box set with Doranna Durgin's paranormal Nocturne, ALPHA RISING.

NEXT RELEASERUNNING WOLF, Western Historical, coming July 2015
I'm looking forward to my next release, RUNNING WOLF, which is a Western Historical with both a Native American hero and heroine. She's a Crow captive who wants to escape notice until rescued. He's the Lakota warrior who never wanted a captive. Her duty as the chief's daughter is to defy the enemy and lead her people home. His duty as war chief is to defeat the enemy and marry a maiden from his tribe. But when their infatuation turns to a forbidden love both their allegiance and their duty will be tested.

I'll have an excerpt of RUNNING WOLF up on my website soon and I'll be revealing my cover on my Author Page on Facebook the moment it arrives.

WRITER’S LIFE: This holiday season I am celebrating a plethora of releases under my tree including a surprise, a short story included in a collection titled, THE WEREWOLF'S EMBRACE and inclusion in UK box set of lovely Historicals.


November 2014

Breakfast at Jenna's November
writer's retreat

It’s getting very blustery outside.  Inside, I have been a busy (not blustery) girl.  So here is what’s up…

REVIEW: Romantic Times Book Review had this to say about the October Western Anthology collection WILD WEST CHRISTMAS, “A triple play of heartwarming holiday stories…will have readers sighing with contentment.”  Four Stars, from reviewer Kathe Robin.

Fall leaves ablaze in Jenna's yard

RELEASE:  My next Nocturne, THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE, and the companion story to THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF, is available in ebook now and will be in a Nocturne Bundle,  February 17,  2015 with Dorrana Durgin’s ALPHA RISING.

NEW TITLE:  I’ve received the title and release date for my next Harlequin Historical.  This Native American romance, entitled RUNNING WOLF will appear in July 2015.  This story is about a Lakota war chief whose identity in his tribe is threatened when he falls in love with his Crow captive.  I’m very happy to have a story that features both the Lakota and Crow tribes and a heroine, Snow Raven, who is a warrior in her own right.

WRITER’S RETREAT: I shared a wonderful weekend at a small writers retreat with my fellow authors, Mary Beth Bass, Laura Bradford and Anna DePalo. The brainstorming sessions were dynamite and I got so many ideas as we all set to work on each writer's personally chosen topic which included: Marketing, Career Planning, Plotting & Cover Design Strategies. What a wonderful, productive, exhausting and energizing retreat.  I’m already looking forward to next year.

October 2014

Five of Jenna's titles arrived and one
a complete surprise!

This month I’m rejoicing in the bounties of my efforts.  In the past two months I’ve received FIVE of my stories, one of which was a complete surprise.

THE VAMPIRE’ S WOLF, September 2014 has returned to me in two versions, singular and in a bundle with Sierra Woods’ THE RESURRECTIONIST.  The single is available only to Harlequin’s direct program.  The bundle is online and in bookstores.

The second title is my October novella, WILD WEST CHRISTMAS, including my novella, A FAMILY FOR THE RANCHER.  Please check out my Story Behind the Story page for more on this Christmas Western Romance.

The third title arrived very early.  This is my December paranormal romance for Nocturne – THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE.  This is Johnny’s story, and for all those fans who wrote me to ask what happened to Johnny, the werewolf who can’t shift back to human form, this book reveals all.

The fifth book was a pleasant surprise.  It seems that one of my e-only Nocturne Bites, FIRST HEAT, is making its paperback debut in a wonderful collection called WEREWOLF’s EMBRACE.  I love this cover and can’t wait to read the others short stories by Michele Hauf, Cynthia Cooke, Katie Reus and Elle James. 

September 2014

Jenna finds sparkly druzy crystalized
fossil sea-shell inside a rock vug (air pocket)

Jenna checks out her author copies for
THE VAMPIRE'S WOLF, Sept. 1 release.

RELEASE: This is release month for my new paranormal romance, THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF, in the Nocturne line and I have been busy with promotion including launching into three new social media platforms, Wattpad, Instagram and the App called Novel Engagement from Romance Writers of America.  That last one, Novel Engagement, is a really interesting one for readers of romance and can be used on Smartphones and tablets.  I’m such a newbie at all three and really don’t understand how to do much, but I’m learning as I go.  Check out my page on Novel Engagement.  I’ve loaded four of my twenty-five books so far.  I even got the book trailer loaded for The Vampire’s Wolf.

WRITING: My current work in progress is a Western historical, due to my editor in about three months.  I sent the proposal to her this week, which includes the first three chapters.  This story has a Native American hero and heroine.  The hero believes he has been bewitched by the heroine and is seeking vengeance and recovery.  What he gets is a wife who has agreed to try to heal him but only if he returns her safely to her people in two moons.  But a lot can happen in two moons!

LIFE: The summer included visits with family, including a wedding, travel to warm beaches, rock-hounding for druzy quartz and sending in my final copy edits on my December release, THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE.  I hope your summer was great!


August 2014

Home from vacation to find
three boxes of books!

UK edition of Nocturne Bites,
including mine!

There is a lot going on this month.  Releases, upcoming releases and works in progress, plus a vacation.

RELEASE: The Vampire’s Wolf has released to great reviews.  In September this ebook becomes a mass market release in a bundle of two books with Sierra Wood’s The Resurrectionist

UPCOMING RELEASE:  Look for my Western Christmas novella in the anthology collection, Wild West Christmas, coming in October 2014.

A Family for the Rancher: Two years ago, Dillen Roach fell for wealthy debutante Alice Truett.  Now she’s at his door with his orphaned nephews in two!  Could Alice be the perfect Shristmas gift for this solidary rancher?

U.K. fans will find my Nocturne Bites story, FIRST HEAT, in the collection WEREWOLF’S EMBRACE, in September. 

Werewolf’s Embrace: Bound by more than just a moon...
These werewolves get more than they bargain for when they liaise with vampires, demons and faeries, making their nights wilder and wickeder than ever…
Five captivating stories that will thrill you!

WORKS IN PROGRESS: I’ve just finished copy edits on my December release, The Shifter’s Choice, which is the second story in my new Nocturne series featuring Marine Werewolves.  The Shifter’s Choice is Johnny’s story, the werewolf who cannot shift back to human form.

Other stories in the works include a completed Western Historical and a nearly completed Western Historical proposal that both feature Native American heroes and heroines of the Lakota and Crow tribes.

I had some time off this month and spent a lot of it walking on beaches, but my characters followed right along on most of them and a few new ones showed up as well.  But they’ll just have to wait in line.


July 2014

Jenna got tired of waiting for her ship to come in and
decided to haul it in herself. 
Photo taken at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT

Much of the first half of July was spent working on copy edits for my next Harlequin Nocturne, THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE. I love this romance and am really happy to report that this is Johnny's story. Readers of THE VAMPIRE'S CHOICE are writing me asking what will happen to Mac's comrade, the U.S. Marine shifter who can't change back to human form. Well, THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE answers all those questions. This story will be out is December '14. Sorry that you will have to wait until then to discover if Johnny will ever be human again. But I did put Chapter 1 up on my website for readers.

Link to Chapter 1 of THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE

I've also received the cover for my October novella in the anthology collection, WILD WEST CHRISTMAS. It's a pretty image, I think, and I'm anxious to read the other two Western Christmas stories by Kathryn Albright and Lynna Banning.

Here's a little about my October release:

Two years ago, Dillen Roach fell for wealthy debutante Alice Truett. Now she's at his door with his orphaned nephews in tow! Could Alice be the perfect Christmas gift for this solitary rancher? 

As the summer turns hotter, I'm turning to work on a new Western historical romance. This is always a daunting and invigorating time as I push through my first draft.

Please tell me what you think of my July Release, THE VAMPIRE'S CHOICE, and consider writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads.
Finally, authors need friends and fans. Please like my Facebook page, be my friend or fan on Goodreads and follow me on Twitter. I'll follow you back!

June 2014

Jenna's planting her vegetable garden early.
Can you smell the fresh basil?

View from the Sky Room at
Harlequin's party at BEA, May 2014.

CURRENT PROJECT: I completed my next Western Historical and have already begun plotting the next one. Both of these have Native American heroes  and heroines. The tribes are Lakota and Crow in the 1840s to 1860s. I've had a lot of fun looking through historic documents and photographs. I'm working on my story outline and synopsis for my proposal to send to my editor.

LIFE: My vegetable garden is in. I'm already enjoying my cilantro and basil and am watching my cherry tomatoes with anticipation. The flower gardens have never looked better.

WRITING PERKS: Attended the Harlequin Book Expo America party in the Sky Room off Times Square in NYC. It is always a thrill to attend a really swank party (Name Dropping Alert) and I enjoyed conversing with Heather Graham, Sylvia Day, my editor and many, many publishing professionals. And the food and drinks weren't bad either. Let me tell you, you can't beat the view from the Sky Room.


May 2014

Right out of the box.
My new author copies have arrived!

NEW RELEASE: Arrives July 2014. Look for the eBook version of THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF in electronic format on July 1 and in bookstores as a two for one in a Nocturne Bundle on October 1.

NEXT HISTORICAL: My story, A FAMILY FOR THE RANCHER, will be included in the October Western Christmas anthology titled, WILD WEST CHRISTMAS by Harlequin Historicals.

NEXT PARANORMAL: My next Nocturne will release on January 2015 and is titled THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE. Those of you who will be reading THE VAMPIRE'S WOLF might like to know that the hero of my January release is Johnny, the shifter who cannot return to human form. He is a very interesting hero and super fun to write.

April 2014

Jenna Kernan and friend

Jenna Kernan capturing the sunset

Most of this month has been spent furiously finishing up a Western historical manuscript. But, amid all the fast typing, I managed a week vacation with my family to some white sandy beaches. The weather was glorious. This winter has made be starved for sunlight and warm waters. Much of my time was spent outdoors, walking, beachcombing, kayaking and swimming. I found the break very good for my mental health, but you know what? Those darned characters did not have the decency to stay home. They came right along with me, yacking in my ear about dialogue I could add to existing scenes and ideas for other scenes that I might like to wedge into my overly long novel.


How do I get my characters to take a vacation (to a different destination)?


March 2014

Snowdrops peeking through the ice in
Jenna's yard.

Writing: I’m engaged in a writing marathon this month in pursuit of a first draft for my next Western Historical which is due to my editor May 1. The goal is 3000 words five days a week. That’s twelve pages a day for five days or sixty pages a week. I’m on track so far and have 148 pages written.

Here is a sentence about this project:

After taking a Crow maiden captive, a Sioux warrior questions his allegiance and his ambitions.

Public Appearance: I ventured to NJ to the Liberty States Fiction Writers’ conference in Mid-March. They put on such a wonderful, energetic day. I presented a workshop with author Laura Bradford first thing in the AM and so had the rest of the day to enjoy other speakers and network with friends.

Next Release: I’m starting to think about promotion for my next novel, a paranormal Nocturne from Harlequin. THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF arrives in July 2014. If any of my readers are interested in doing a review on an advance reading copy, please write me to inquire.

Here is a sentence about THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF:

Frightened fairy fleeing vampires seeks protection from enemy werewolf

who has sworn to hunt and kill her kind.

Enjoy the Adventure and what we in the northeast call “mud season.”


February 2014

It seems like all I’ve done this month is shovel snow. But I actually finished revisions on a Western and  I just finished the copy edits for my next release arriving in July 2014.  

Here’s a photo that looks like a lovely snow covered meadow and forest but is actually my driveway…

And here is a preview excerpt from THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF that I’m so pleased to share with my fans. This story features a frightened fairy fleeing vampires who seeks protection from a werewolf who has sworn to hunt and kill her kind.

In this scene, Bri meets Mac, in his human form, for the first time. She has just survived an attack by vampires because Mac and his side-kick, Johnny, killed them while in their werewolf form. Bri knows she’s more than human, but doesn’t know exactly what she is…yet.

The gray werewolf had brought Brianna to this man. Who was he?

His camouflage shirt was all browns and tans, flapping open as he loomed over her to reveal a rising landscape of hardened, contracting muscle. Four long raised scars slashed across the right side of his chest. They looked like knife wounds except the marks were evenly spaced and puckered as if a gash, rather than an incision, had caused this damage. One scar missed his nipple by a hair's breadth.  And there was more. Peppered throughout the scars were a series of punctures. What had happened to him?

"Why did you come here?" he asked, his voice no longer holding that calming tone. Now it sounded low and deadly.

The hairs on her neck prickled. She tried to speak, but the muscles of her diaphragm seemed paralyzed.

She lifted her chin to see his pronounced Adam's apple and the dark morning stubble on his throat. The muscles at each side of his neck corded like wings. His clenched jaw looked hard as steel, except for the continuation of the beard that did not mesh with her image of the uniformly clean shave of most military men. His lips showed tight displeasure, making his generous mouth seem stingy at least for her. His long nose had a bump high on the bridge, showing an old break. It gave character to an otherwise flawless slope. His cheeks were high and smooth, above the distinct line of stubble that merged seamlessly into the sideburns of the short bristled hair cut favored by military men and athletes. Bri lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.

She saw the icy blue and decided in that instant she had made a terrible mistake. This man would not help her. He was a hardened soldier and she would find no pity in his heart.

The hairs lifted on her neck as she looked to the right and left for help. She caught movement and then the large dark werewolf who seemed to be waiting the order to attack. She stifled the scream rising like bile in her throat.

"What are you doing here?" barked the soldier.

"I..I'm looking for help."

His thick brows tugged together, forming a perfect bisecting line between them.  She noticed another scar now, a thin white line that cut across the outer edge of his left brow creating a thread-thin territory where no hairs grew. His brows were deep brown. Was that what color his hair would be if he had any?

"Why would we help a thing like you?"

Bri gasped.

"That's right, Sweetheart. I know what you are. Surprised?"

Her eyes rounded.

"Yes. And you know about the vampires, too?"

He cocked his head as those blue eyes targeted her. Then he gave a slow nod. Maybe there was still a chance then.

"Then can you explain it to me?"

That answer made his head snap back. What had he expected her to say?

"You telling me you don't know?"

"Yes, I know. Bits and pieces. My Nana knew they were after me. And a woman came last night to warn me about them." And now one of the things Nana said to Bri suddenly made sense. Stay single. Keep moving. She understood now. Nana trying to protect her from the things that stalked her. But why hadn't Nana told her outright? Why hide such a threat from her granddaughter? Nana hadn't answered any of her questions until the very end. Only when her grandmother knew she was dying had she revealed the terrible truth and then there hadn't been enough time.

Keep your humanity, she had said. What did that even mean?

"How did you find us?" he asked.

"I can smell...." She turned to the one who waited to murder her, the scent of wet fur and wolf heavy in her nostrils. She could still scent the other, his scent closer, more earthy.  She motioned with her head toward the black werewolf. "I can smell them. The werewolves. Scented them last winter and then when those things found me, I remembered what Nana said. So I came back here."

"What did she say?" he asked.

"That werewolves kill vampires."

That stopped him. He exchanged an inscrutable look with the beast and then locked back on her as if sighting a weapon.

"I hoped that the werewolves might protect me from them."

He made a harsh sound in his throat that wasn't quite a laugh, for it lacked all humor. "Them? You must be crazy."

"I had no choice. They would have caught me otherwise."

The soldier leaned in, his nose nearly touching hers. "You had a choice, Princess. But you like to play the long odds. So your plan was to use the werewolves to protect you from the males that are on you like dogs after a bitch in heat?"

Her skin tingled and the dizziness returned. This man frightened her again.

He moved in close, like a lover but his expression stayed hard as iron.  She could feel the warmth of his skin and the tank of his soap.

"And when the males were dead, who did you think would protect you from the werewolves?"


© 2014, The Vampire’s Wolf, Jenna Kernan, Harlequin Ltd.


January 2014

Snow on decorative grasses in
the garden.

This month I learned that my next paranormal Nocturne will release in July 2014 and that my editors will be keeping my title, THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF. I’m very excited about launching this new series and can’t wait for my readers to meet my new fabulous hero and unique heroine.  Briefly, this story is about a frightened fairy who seeks protection from vampires with a werewolf who has sworn to hunt and kill her kind.

More news from my editor includes the title of the Western Christmas anthology. Look for WILD WEST CHRISTMAS in October 2014 including my story, A FAMILY FOR THE RANCHER. This collection of three novellas also features holiday Western romances from authors Kathryn Albright and Lynna Banning.  

Currently, I’m working on revisions for this Western. I’m also looking through my final copy edits for THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF. And when that is finished, I’ll turn to work on my newest Western Historical story. Good thing that this has been a cold winter. The weather has helped keep me tucked in close to my keyboard.

Hey, it sure beats shoveling snow!


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