2013 NEWS

December 2013

Jenna’s tree is up and donned in
gay apparel.

Jenna visiting with friends, the collection
of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore,
Kanga and Piglet.

It is hard to find anything free in New York City, especially at Christmas time.  But there are a few places.  One is the main branch of the New York Public Library.  This month, and through March 2014, they have a free exhibit called The ABC of it.  I spent some time strolling through this wonderful exhibition on childrens’ books and visited with a few of my favorites including: The Phantom Toll Booth, Harold’s Purple Crayon and Charlotte’s Web. 

My tree is up and lights strung both inside and out.  I have a large and growing ornament collection and I am featuring one ornament a day on my Facebook page and in my Twitter posts @jennakernan.  Readers might also like to see my Western Christmas Pinterest page for a little country Christmas with cowboys!

November 2013

The Beatles performed at Shea
on August 15, 1965 to a record crowd.

Jenna Kernan visiting “The Rock”

November has found me with my head in a hole as I work on my stories.  I’ve been enjoying National Novel Writers Month and taken part in some of the online happenings.  The energy from this event is always so inspiring.  I enjoy knowing so many other writers are plugging away.  Misery loves company?  Or perhaps, Strength in Numbers

I did take two outings that might interest readers.  One was to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.  I was a bit early as the staff was hanging lights using a scaffolding system that was bigger than most buildings in my home town.

During that adventure I took my husband to Bloomingdales (which I was certain was on 5th Avenue.  It’s not and never was).  We were not there for the shopping but to see a very rare drum kit.  Ringo Star’s Shea Stadium drum set was on display for a short time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles arrival in America.  Seeing the kit actually gave me chills.  I got them again when I looked at the fashionable coat inspired by the Beatles style.  It was dashing and cost over $2000.00.  I dashed out shortly after that as well.  If I’m going to buy my Beatles fan that coat, I better type faster!

October 2013

Apple Picking. Jenna knows you are
not charged for the apples you carry
away in your stomach.

NYC skyline at dusk taken from
the ferry from Brooklyn to 34th Street.

The Great Pumpkin!

The signed contract has reached me, so it's official; I better get busy writing three Western historical romances! I've been reading the letters of George Catlin, an artist who painted many of the Western tribes before they were driven to near extinction. His observations are fascinating and I know some of his eyewitness information will make its way into my stories. What better way to learn what a Mystery Man (Medicine Man) keeps in his medicine bundle than from a firsthand account? Other reading this month includes historical accounts of the American southwest under Spanish rule in the 1500 to 1800s. I'm not sure why I'm interested in this period right now, but it will come to me.

I've had three excursions this month. Apple picking in Upstate New York, a food festival in Brooklyn and pumpkin picking in the Catskills. This year I inexplicably selected a pumpkin that is so big I cannot lift it without help. I think it weighs 40 pounds but, you know what? I'm going to check it with my scale right now….46.5! A whopper.

September 2013

Three first drafts manuscripts
on Jenna's desk.  Two
paranormal romances for
Nocturne and one Western
Christmas novella for
Harlequin Historicals.

I have a book sales announcement!

I just signed a three-book deal with Harlequin.  I’ll be writing two Western Historicals and a Western Christmas novella.  I’ve already begun work the Christmas novella and can give you a little preview of what it will be about.

She's the wealthy debutant tired of rich, useless men.  He's a saddle bum that fell for her hard.  Now Christmas and his orphaned nephews' welfare make this cowboy desperate enough to do something he's never done before, admit he needs help.

Sounds fun right?  As for the two Western historicals, I already have some ideas stirring.  It’s a happy occasion to be working with my fabulous editor at Harlequin and with the United Kingdom Historical team.  The new covers in the line look beautiful and I’m proud to be a part of this series. 

Currently I also have two Nocturne stories in the works.  I’m waiting for copy edits on both and will get release details to you soon.

Anyway, that’s five brand new stories coming to my readers in the near future.


August 2013

Don't worry, I have been writing and will have a sales announcement soon.  But for now, I'll just share a few of the activities that took me from my stories and out into the world this month.


And more Hiking.

There was a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Another to Central Park.

Fossil Hunting.

Time at the beach.

Sight Seeing.

Skeet shooting! I'm getting better with that 20 gauge and…

…visiting with family.


July 2013

Author Diane Gaston & Jenna Kernan
at the Harlequin Historical Tea

Jenna Kernan & Michelle Willingham in
Harlequin's VIP Lounge

Harlequin's Jayne Hoogenberk
interviews Jenna Kernan

Atlanta, Georgia was a blast and the entire RWA Conference is a bit of a blur.  Good thing I took lots of photos.

Where’s Waldo?  450 Romance Authors and thousands of fans pack the ballroom. 

Jenna Kernan & Susan Meier
before the RITA Awards

The book signing in the Marriot Marquis ballroom was gigantic and always a wonderful event for literacy. 

Networking and meeting with friends new and old is always one of my favorite activities.  Of course the editors at Harlequin made time for socializing. 

The big event for Harlequin authors is the Friday night party and this year I got an invite to the Harlequin VIP lounge thanks to my good friend Susan Meier who celebrated her 50th book release and a RITA nomination all in one year! 

That made the RITA Awards even more exciting.  I don't know where the time went.  Before I knew it I was packing my suitcase (now full of new books) and heading north.  Thanks RWA for a wonderful four days!


June 2013

Jenna signing BEAUTY'S BEAST
at BEA 2013


I signed at both the RWA booth and the Harlequin booth at Book Expo America in NYC this year. It was such fun meeting the librarians and booksellers and other publishing professionals. Those books disappeared very fast.

I snapped a few photos of Jim Carrey who was signing his children's book, How Roland Rolls. I stood in many author lines, too, including one for Bill Bryson's new book, One Summer, and picked up romances by Heather Graham, Kristen Callihan, Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery, to name a few. When I made it home I weighed my book bag---22 pounds!


I’ll be signing BEAUTY’S BEAST at the RWA “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing this July. I hope you’ll stop by if you are in Atlanta. Here are the particulars.

I caught this shot of my hummingbird
enjoying a blossom.

2013 "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing
Wednesday, July 17
5:30–7:30 p.m.
Atlanta Marriott Marquis



My gardens are looking lovely this spring despite all the rain. I had a robin raise her four babies in the honey suckle on my arbor and now that same honeysuckle is attracting a hummingbird.

May 2013

Jenna models her first three strand
beaded necklace.

Promotion:  This month I am recovering from promotion efforts for Beauty’s Beast which is still available…ahhh! See, I can’t stop.

Work in Progress: I’m rewriting my next Nocturne with my editors suggestions which are mostly good, darn it!  That is going well. If you quilt than you’ll understand this metaphor. The quilt top is done but some of the squares needed replacing. This involves ripping out the seam, sewing a new, prettier square that better complements the other squares and then carefully stitching it in place. But, while you have the seams ripped open you decide to rearrange some of the existing patches.  I’ve rearranged and made all my new patches. Now I only need to close all those seams, so you can’t see the additions.  This story should be headed to my editor by the end of the month. I’m calling it: The Vampire’s Wolf

Manuscript Accepted:  Funny thing, but the second book in this new Nocturne series was accepted as is. I’m expecting that one to come back to me soon with edits. This story’s working title isThe Werewolf’s Choice. 

Personal:  I got my garden in, mostly herbs this year and I’m taking a class on beading which is a super fun, super addictive, super expensive hobby. I can’t stop buying beads! I even made beaded bookmarks to give away free at Book Expo America. 

Appearances:  I’ll be signing at Book Expo America on both Thursday and Friday, May 30 and 31. On May 30, I’ll be at the Harlequin booth from 4 to 5 PM for the Sizzling Hot Summer Reads hour. On Friday, May 31, look for me at the Romance Writers of America (RWA) booth from 11 AM to 12 PM.  I’ll be autographing free copies of BEAUTY’S BEAST, which is still available…ahh!  I’m doing it again!


April 2013

Writing News: 

Jenna with her CoLoNY friends.

Reading on April 1 at Lady Jane's Salon in NYC.

I heard from my editor that my next paranormal romance for the Nocturne line has been accepted.  No revisions due on that one.  I’m waiting for more details and will pass them on as I receive them!

April Fool’s Day found this fool on the stage at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC reading from my April paranormal romance, Beauty’s Beast.  The experience, though nerve-wracking, was also wonderful because my husband and several members of my local RWA Chapter were there to support me.  The evening included two nice surprises.  The first was the bouquet of roses my friends brought me and the second was learning my April release is available from Audible Books.  I learned this because the actress who read Beauty’s Beast came to the reading and introduced herself afterwards.

Surprise News:

Beauty’s Beast was mentioned in USA Today’s book section on April 11th in an article on “Paranormals Worth Checking Out.”  Here’s the link: USA TODAY Book Section.


April 29 to May 3: Harlequin’s Community Forum: I’ll be talking about sexy Skinwalkers and how they differ from shapeshifters.  Stop by and say hey!

May 30 & May 31: Book Expo America: I’ll be signing complimentary copies of BEAUTY’S BEAST on Thursday, May 30th at the Harlequin Book during their Sexy Summer Reads hour between 4 and 5 PM and at the Romance Writers’ of America Booth at 11 AM to 12 PM on May 31st.  Copies are FREE!


March 2013

The pre-release boxes have arrived.

Jenna riding a street car to the
Garden District.

In New Orleans, Mardi Gras beads
hang on balconys, fences, lamp
post and trees.

Releases: As March blusters in I am in the saddle between my February Western release, The Texas Ranger’s Daughter, and my April paranormal release, Beauty’s Beast. The reviews are in on both books.  Texas Rangers gleaned a four star review from RT Book Reviews. They said: Opposites attract in this adventurous western set against a blistering Texas landscape, with authentic dialogue, energetic protagonists and gun-toting outlaws. And I understand that Beauty’s Beast has received 4 ½ star review from RT. 

Writing:  I’m also in the saddle between my next two paranormal manuscripts. The first has returned to me for revisions and the second was submitted on time, on March 1, 2013. So this month will be spent on revisions of paranormal romances for the Nocturne line.

Contests:  I am running two contests this month on GoodReads for the complete set of my paranormal romance series, The Trackers, including the April release, Beauty’s Beast. Winners will get my latest release early for a sneak peek.  Here’s the link to enter the contest that runs until March 15. I’ll have another one subsequently, so check back or friend me on GoodReads.

Life:  My husband and I went to New Orleans for a few days to escape the February cold and remind ourselves that somewhere out there the sun shines warm and the music fills the streets. We had a wonderful time at the jazz clubs, in the Garden District, strolling parks, gardens, above ground Cemeteries, River Street and, of course, Bourbon Street. Do have lunch at The Commander’s Palace, if you find yourself sober and well dressed in New Orleans.

February 2013

A Knight in shining armor
graces the MET's lobby to promote
their special exhibition

Jenna poses with a
Valentine's gift from her
husband, a lithograph by Native
American artist, R.C. Gorman.

My biggest writing news this month is the release of my latest Western historical, THE TEXAS RANGER'S DAUGHTER.  The reviews and sales are both good and I am getting some very nice letters from fans telling me how much they enjoyed this story.

My current work in progress is undergoing revisions before I send it to the editor in March.  This is the second of two brand new paranormal romances for the Nocturne line.  The first story is with my editor and I am anxiously waiting to hear what she thinks about this new story.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up my promotion ideas for my next release, coming in April.  The fourth and final story in The Trackers series, BEAUTY’S BEAST, is nearly here.  That means I will be getting a box of books very soon and will be listing several contests on GoodReads as I did with THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER.  Please come and be a friend or fan on GoodReads so you can see what I’m reading and join my contests there.

I’m also tweeting away, so if you’d like to follow my chirping here is a link to my twitter feed.

In my personal life, I am spending much time in my office with my feet on a heated mat as I write.  I’ve been into NYC to the Mattisse show at the MET.  It was marvelous.  Wandering about in that museum is such a magical experience for me each and every time. 

The groundhog saw his shadow, so bundle up and stay warm!


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