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December 2012

NYC Christmas windows
add to the holiday cheer

My favorite Christmas cookie
recipe is up on my blog

Cartier's building becomes
a gift in a giant red bow

I love the holiday season.  Decorating the tree with my favorite ornaments, baking, shopping, perusing the holiday windows on 5th Avenue, seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center and attending concerts of my favorite music are all such fun and fill me up with happiness. 

I got a special surprise in the mail this week.  It wasn’t from Santa, but from Harlequin.  My next release is here and I’ve posted a GoodReads contest under their First Reads Giveaways.

THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER won’t be available until January 26th but you might win an advance copy. This is my latest Western and it is fast and fun.  Here is a little about the story: The daughter of a famous Texas Ranger is kidnapped by outlaws and the only man who can rescue her has ridden with the gang. He’s got an eye toward going straight, but that will only happen if he can bring in the Captain’s daughter alive and untouched.

I’m 100 pages into my work in progress, which is book two in a new series from Harlequin Nocturne.  The writing is going well and I’m enjoying the process.  The first of these paranormal romances is now with my editor and I’m waiting to hear what she thinks.  I’m also waiting to see the cover of my next Paranormal release, BEAUTY’S BEAST, coming in April 2013.  I cannot wait to see the finale of my very first paranormal series, THE TRACKERS.

Here is wishing all my fans a wonderful holiday and a very happy and healthy New Year, 2013!


November 2012

Top of our 80 foot White Pine
Dangles Precariously

Trees Down Everywhere

Usually my heroines have more exciting lives than I do. That was not the case this first week of November 2012. I'm still writing on deadline, finishing up my next Paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne. It is due in fifteen days.

Hurricane Sandy hit our area on a Monday night when winds rose and the big eighty foot trees that ring my property began to dance. It is an awesome sound and sight to see these still giants bend and bow and tangle their branches. The excitement started with the rising winds just before dusk and continued with me watching a transformer explode in a shower of sparks that sent us into cold and darkness as lights and heat flicked off. Next I watched in stunned silence as a tree soundlessly broke loose and crashed into our neighbors' home cleaving it like a hatchet through balsawood. This sent my family to the basement for the remainder of the night as winds gusted to 80 MPH.

In the morning the storm had gone and trees littered the roads and yards and roofs all around us. We used a crank radio to get the news and the news was bad. We were without heat for several days. By day three the roads were clear and I moved to the warmth and light of the local public library now crowded with suburban refugees charging phones and laptops. I wrote surrounded by the bustle that seemed more like a train station than a library.

Shortages Hit Home

New Digs for Writing on
Deadline in a Hurricane

Now safe at home with heat and electrical, I am waiting only for my internet to return. The tree that hung like the Sword of Damocles over the sidewalk was removed this morning by some arborists who would do well working the high wire in any circus.

Gas lines still abound and many, many areas are without electricity and will be for days to come. It is hard to have your foundation of safety so thoroughly shaken. But it is good to see the sunrise fill your home with light after a cold, dark night. And it is good to see so many people working long and hard to set things right. Despite the losses there have been moments of peace and gratitude mixed with glimmers of insight. I have blessings too numerous to count among which is making my deadline...on time!

October 2012

Jenna takes a walk around the resevoir in NYC's
Central Park

As the leaves begin to turn, I turn, as well, to a new project for Nocturne. The draft for my next release is complete except for a working title. I’ll be revising this work as I move into the creation of a proposal for book #6 for Nocturne. As my Tracker series comes to a conclusion this April, I’ll be launching something new, bold and sexy for my paranormal readers. The writing is going well and fast. I’m enamored with my characters and envious of my heroine.

In my professional life, I’m taking a class on using the writing program, Scrivener, from Gwen Hernandez. So far I am both amazed and astonished at the program’s capabilities and at how organized Gwen’s lessons are. I’m also looking forward to attending the Novelists, Inc. conference later in the month.

In my non-writing life, I have Narcissus bulbs to plant in my garden and some tubers for bearded iris that will both greet me in the spring with new blooms. I’m hoeing out my vegetable garden and harvesting the last of the basil. The tomatoes have about had it, I’m afraid. After all that, I’ll be deciding on what color mums to put on the front stoop. I see the neighbors to the left have pink and to the right have white. Maybe I’ll try a nice cheerful yellow this year.


September 2012

Colorful buoy on
display at the
Nantucket pier

September finds me very engaged in many writing projects.

The first is a new draft for Nocturne. This will be my fifth for that line and marks the beginning of a new idea. The story centers around a vampire fairy who is hunted by the males of her species and seeks refuge with a marine werewolf whose mission it is to hunt and kill her kind. I've reached the last third of this draft and the climax is very exciting writing.

Jenna with her first lobster roll

The second project are the line edits for BEAUTY'S BEAST, the fourth and final in The Tracker series for Nocturne, releasing in April 2013. This is a fast read and there is not much to do in these edits.

The third project is a proposal for my sixth Nocturne, which will tie into the one I am finishing up now. This one also has a marine werewolf, but his heroine is human and boy is she in trouble.

I also heard that my latest Western has a title. Look for THE TEXAS RANGER'S DAUGHTER releasing in February 2013

Tall ships still depart from

In my personal life, I managed to sneak in a short trip to Nantucket at the beginning of September. This was my first visit to 'The Gray Lady'. During my tour of the Whaling Museum, I decided I needed to read more about whaling. This lead me to Moby Dick, which I am just finishing up now. I now know how to skin a whale and render its fat into lamp oil and spermaceti. I have a lot of this kind of knowledge of questionable use. Check my GoodReads page for more on what I'm reading.

In other news, I am undergoing a website redesign that will include my blog and introduce a new Facebook page. I've seen some examples of the designs and I'm very energized with the look. I'll let you know when the design goes live.

The air is cooler and the days shorter. Hopefully that will mean perfect weather for writing that next story.

August 2012

Jenna taking a shower at
Universal Studios Adventure Island

This has been anything but a lazy month for me.

Jenna with a life-like mural
at a Florida aquarium.

I've finished the copy edits for my next western, THE TEXAS RANGER'S DAUGHTER and also the final alterations. The book is complete, in production and you will see it on the shelves in February 2013. My rewrites were excepted for BEAUTY'S BEAST, the next paranormal Nocturne. So that will be available in April 2013. My big news is that the newest paranormal proposal was accepted. This is the second book in a three book deal and it involves my first werewolf and vampire. I'm writing this one right now.

Somewhere between projects I squeezed in a little beach time and an outing or two. I've been everywhere from Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter to our local county fair. The days are still hot but they are growing shorter. I can feel September closing in. But as I write this, I still have two solid weeks of summer ahead of me.


July 2012

Little Green Heron hunts for
breakfast in shallow surf.

Fourth of July celebration
over the bay.

July came in with a bang with plenty of lovely sparkling explosions over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The family vacation has me writing in the morning and then hitting the beach in the afternoon.  I especially enjoy the shore birds and have been pestering them with my camera.

In writing news, I am working on a Facebook page and will let you know when that is up and running.  I'm also preparing for a new web and blog re-design, which will be quite exciting.  I have been blogging every week since November (I hope I didn't just jinx myself) at http://jennakernan.blogspot.com

I've been working on copy edits for my next western, THE TEXAS RANGER'S DAUGHTER, releasing in February 2013.  I also am awaiting news on the rewrites for BEAUTY'S BEAST, the next paranormal Nocturne, due out in April 2013.  And I have sent in a new proposal for another Nocturne last week.  I'm very anxious to begin this story.

Enjoy the long, hot summer.


June 2012

Jenna's best fossil find.

Summer is here! 

Secret spot for fossils

I’ve been enjoying some time outdoors and even have been doing some writing in my garden.  I’ve submitted a proposal for the next paranormal from Nocturne and have my fingers crossed on that one.  I’m also revising the fourth and final in THE TRACKER’S series.  BEAUTY’S BEAST is coming along well and I expect to have the rewrite completed by the middle of this month.  That leaves me free to work on something new!

I’ll also be doing some fossil hunting again this year in the same secret spot in a river in one of our Southern states.  Last year my best find was a prehistoric bear tooth.  For me this is quite a prize. 


May 2012

Jenna & Friend

I just got the title for my next historical.  Look for THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER in February 2013.  This story was very fun to write and will be a fast read.  Here is a little more about this Western Historical.

THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER:  The daughter of a famous Texas Ranger is kidnapped by outlaws and the only man who can rescue her has ridden with the gang.  He’s got an eye toward going straight, but that will only happen if he can bring the Captain’s daughter alive and untouched.

I’ll be in North Haven on June 9th speaking at CTRW (Connecticut Romance Writers).  My topic is Career Tips for Authors.  If you’re a member, I hope to see you at the workshop.


April 2012

Jenna in her garden

Now available
in eBook

WINTER WOMAN is now available in ebook.  This is my first novel published in 2003 with Harlequin Historical.  Harlequin has re-released it in ebook format.  I know many of my fans have been unable to get this book after it went out of print.  Well, it’s back.

The BIG news this month is that I have signed a three book contract with Harlequin Nocturne.  My next story completes The Tracker series and will appear in January 2013.  The title is Beauty’s Beast. 

BEAUTY’S BEAST (January 2013)  The first born of the two Halfling races, Samantha Proud is a gifted Seer, like her mother and can shift into bear form like her father.  When she is attacked by the Ruler of Ghosts, the Thunderbirds place her in the protection of the son of her enemy.  Alon Garza is the first of his kind, born of the Ruler of Ghosts, he has dark powers like his father but is he strong enough to protect Samantha, defeat his father and save the Living World?


March 2012

This month I got some nice news from my publisher. One of my out of print novels, TURNER’S WOMAN, will release in ebook format on March 15. Its surprising to have been writing long enough to have both a book go out of print and to have my first re-release. It’s a milestone of sorts and I’m celebrating.

I’ve been receiving nice comments and good reviews on THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY, out last month, which pleases me. This is the final book in the CAHILL COWBOYS continuity series.

In other news, I’ve started my first blog at www.jennakernan.blogspot.com. The plan is to have a nice variety of blogs on Research, Life, Writing, Craft, My Books and Publishing. I’ve been at it all February and so far it has not impacted my writing schedule. This was a concern of mine.

I’m still waiting to hear when my next western will be released. It’s with the publisher now and I’m waiting the copy-edits. I do have a release date for the next Nocturne and also a title. BEAUTY’S BEAST will arrive in January 2013 to complete THE TRACKER SERIES.

I’m currently working on two new Nocturne proposals. Check back for more on these stories in the months to come.


February 2012


This is a good month for writing. I’ve sent in the final story in THE TRACKER series for Silhouette Nocturne. The tentative title is SEER OF SOULS and the release date is January 2013. That might seem like a long time, but I think I’ll have a Western out between now and then. The story with a working title of THE OUTLAWS WICKED WOMAN is already in production. This one features an outlaw, spared from hanging to rescue the daughter of a Texas Ranger.


I’m working on a new paranormal story idea, at present in hopes of getting a new proposal in to my editor in the Spring. I’m also doing some reading and have joined GoodReads. If you are a member, look me up!

Personal Life:

Some of you might already know my fondness for flea markets, auction houses and antique shops. This month I added to my collection of old books with Frost’s Original Letter-Writer, written in 1867. The book gives examples of the correct way to write a letter of introduction, compose a letter of love and even how to handle those tricky correspondence like offering a book to a publisher. The one I’ve included below is a letter declining to recommend for a position and is one of my favorites:

Mrs. Watkins is surprised that Mary Marlone should have had the assurance to refer to her, as she left her service for drunkenness and insolence.

Your sincere well wisher,

Nothing worse than a drunken, insolent Irish cook, I always say. Notice the drunkard is Irish, while the employer seems to be a WASP. As they used to say: No Irish Need Apply. I am no relation to the drunken cook, but my grandfather was an Irish immigrant and a fiddler.


January 2012

The New Year has me still clinging to the holiday magic with a final trip to see the wonderful holiday windows in NYC. There is nothing like strolling up 5th Avenue with the aroma of chestnuts roasting as you take in the new collection of Harry Winston jewels and Mikimoto pearls. I didn’t actually go in those stores, fearing that the free violet-colored FedEx Santa hat I was wearing might out me as less than a big spender.

I heard from my editor that the next historical has been approved. No release date yet. I’m awaiting the release of THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY at the end of this month. This is the final book in a continuity series. Perhaps you have already read the stories of Chance’s siblings, Quin, Bowie and Leanna, from the CAHILL COWBOY series. If not, there is still time before their little bounty hunter brother rides into town and stirs things up. Let me know what you think of my newest cowboy hero.



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