2009 NEWS

December 2009

Kicking Around the City!

One of my favorite creative people has a show at MoMa! Tim Burton has a wonderful exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art through April 2010. I love Mr. Burton’s movies, especially his stop-action movies (Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride) and I admire his dark, Gothic, whimsical drawings. It was wonderful to see sculptures, the topiary from Edward Scissorhands, many short films and lots of movie memorabilia. Well I was in heaven. My husband and I spent most of the day just in that special exhibit. You should see his desk blotter. What a doodler! I was so tempted to grab that off the wall and run, which is very unlike me. I did also have time to visit Monet’s Water lilies, housed in their special room.

I also made it into lower Manhattan on a different trip to see the exhibit called A SONG FOR THE HORSE NATION at the National Museum of the American Indian. They have wonderful beaded and leather works but I was absolutely blown away when I came across Geronimo’s & Chief Joseph’s rifles. It gave me chills just looking at them. Smithsonian Museums are all free, which is not a word you hear very often NYC!

November 2009

There are stories everywhere!

One of the most interesting things I did this month was visit Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been meaning to go on a walking tour for some time, but finding a free day has been challenging. I was lucky and caught the last walk of the fall season. It was called “Written In Stone: Tales of Green-Wood.” Our historian was a very good storyteller and we had a lovely 2 hour stroll up and down hills and around some fascinating monuments erected for some very interesting people. We even saw the resting place of “Bill The Butcher” made famous in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

One of the stories I liked best was about a young woman who was thrown from her carriage in New York in her 17th year. Her grave is 17 feet long, wide and tall with 17 roses carved in stones. As if that were not sad enough, her fiancé, a French nobleman, killed himself one year to the day from her death and is buried nearby. Separated in life and reunited in death, I suppose. I’ve included a photo of her grave.

The trip was so great that I am definitely going back to take the Murder Most Foul Tour come spring.

In other news: My Nocturne Bites is out this month. Check it out at www.eharlequin.com.

October 2009

Happy Autumn Solstice everyone!

I’m so thrilled to announce that my debut paranormal romances arrive next month. Writing about a dark, sexy shapeshifter is really a blast. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Ty Moon, the hero of my first Nocturne Bite. This guy can change from human form to grizzly bear at will. Talk about tall, dark and handsome! For those of you who don’t know, Nocturne Bites are short, sexy paranormal ebook that you can read electronically. They are available only from eHarlequin and my Bite is only on sale this November.

I've put up a photo of my pumpkins.  I had a tough time picking a pumpkin from the nice collection at a local farm. This fall is lovely and crisp, with the leaves making a satisfying rattle under my feet. I’ve been writing a lot and watching the boys of summer play their last games.

I hope your pumpkins all get carved and you get more treats than tricks.

September 2009

New Facebook Page!

Happy fall, everyone. September really flew by. My news for this month involves a new Facebook page. I have been resisting starting one, because of fears it would cut into my writing time, but Facebook is a way for fans to connect with me and find out what’s happening on a more regular/immediate basis.

Some of you might recall my mentioning my writing muse, Buttercup. She is my pet cocktail. She sits on my shoulder, builds nests behind my keyboard, lays eggs in those nests, drags my mouse into her den by its wiry tail and also regularly runs across my keyboard. That last one has had some interesting outcomes. Most memorable was when she hit control plus the 'A' key, selecting the entire manuscript and the hit the backspace key, deleting it. She also managed to use Skype to call my sister out West. Clearly she needs her technical tendencies channeled. So I am giving her a Facebook page where she can report on her life and mine. So readers, you now have a spy in my office, a ‘bird’s eye view’ of my progress and projects. Check my home page for links or search ‘Jenna Kernan’ on face book.

Buttercup's Facebook page.

August 2009

August already! My, the summer is flying by. This has been a great month for me. I’ve had time to enjoy making footprints in the sand and watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. Vacations are great, aren’t they?


But never fear—I spent the really hot hours out of the sun (as redheads tend to do) and with my computer. I’ve been penning a new Nocturne idea and also a new historical.

I got some very good news from my publisher, Harlequin. They have invited me to be included in the 2010 release of their annual Western Christmas anthology! I'm really excited about that and am already working on the idea that I’m calling, TROUBLE FOR CHRISTMAS.


I’ve learned that my first Silhouette Bites will now be released in October and be titled SHADOW MOON. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bites line, this is a short, sexy, paranormal ebook-only release from www.eHarlequin.com.

My next release, DREAM STALKER, is still due out in December 2009 in mass market paperback with Silhouette Nocturne. I can’t wait to hear what my fans think of my first contemporary paranormal.

July 2009


I’m back from the National Romance Writers Conference in Washington, D.C. What a blast! The very first person I ran into was my dear friend Debra Mullins. If you read regency romance, I know you know the name. You should! She’s terrific.


I also made some new acquaintances, including a group of Nocturne writers, among whom I am now a proud member. We had a chance to talk some shop. I’m so excited for December to arrive so my readers can see my first paranormal romance, DREAM STALKER. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

My workshop was very well attended, which pleased me. I met with my editors (somehow I have three now!) and my agent, from The Knight Agency.

But you know what they say about all work…so I snuck away to take The Monuments by Moonlight Tour and loved it. I also hit the Spy Museum and very much liked the room on carrier pigeons and loved the café at the National Museum of the American Indian. That is definitely the best food on the Mall.

Friday night was the big Harlequin Party; A celebration of 60 years in publishing. Lots of wild music and wild women! You’ll have to forgive us. Writers don’t get out often, you understand!

June 2009


This has been a very busy month for me. I’ve been preparing for my August release, SIERRA BRIDE, while finishing the first draft of my next western (working title: DAKOTA SKY) and just for some added fun, I had a last look at my first paranormal release, DREAM STALKER, December 2009. My poor husband hasn't seen me without my laptop in weeks.

Anyone who has spent June in the northeast can tell you that it has been the coldest, wettest month on record, so it is not like I would have been sunbathing. It really has been the perfect month to escape into my stories. The sun did break out for a few hours and my husband and I got down to the new Yankee Stadium, which really is an awesome place. My one complaint is the new law in New York that requires vendors to list the calories of foods. I don't know about you, but I didn’t need to know the popcorn I was munching was 1300 calories.


I'll be in Washington, D.C. next month for the Romance Writers National conference. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I’ll be playing hooky long enough to visit the National Museum of the American Indian and the Library of Congress, of course. Check back next month to hear more about my trip.

May 2009


The most exciting thing that has happened to me in the month of May was getting a first look at the cover of my August 2009 release, SIERRA BRIDE. I have received many lovely covers. Of course, my first cover for the story WINTER WOMAN is one of my favorites. But the cover for SIERRA BRIDE is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. I feel very lucky because it certainly makes me want to pick up the book. I hope it will be the same for you. I am certainly anxious to hear what my fans think of this story. The hero, Sam Pickett, is the partner of Cole Ellis, the hero from my last book OUTLAW BRIDE. The excerpt and Story Behind the Story will be up on the website soon so check back.

I have been working very hard this month to finish the first draft of my next Western historical. The writing is coming along very well and quickly! I have already reached the midpoint and am wondering how Lucie and Sky will ever get out of the mess I have written them into. For those of you who are true fans, you will be happy to hear that this is the story of Lucie West, the daughter of Sarah and Thomas West from the book HIGH PLAINS BRIDE. Just to jog your memory this is the young lady who was captured by Sioux Indians when she was thirteen and she now bears several startling facial tattoos. I think her story is as interesting as she is. I certainly am enjoying writing it nearly as much as I am enjoying watching the flowers appear in my garden and the birds nesting in the bird houses I have scattered about my yard. I have quite a collection of birdhouses as you can see, ranging from traditional to whimsical and that include a log cabin, of course!


April 2009


This month was very exciting for me because I finally got the opportunity to visit a part of the country I’ve been longing to see for many, many years. Over the spring holiday, my husband and I visited New Mexico. We had a chance to see Old Town in Albuquerque and poke around the Pueblo Museum of Arts & Cultural. By far my favorite outing was to the National Petroglyphs Monument. There we saw wonderful drawings carved on the black volcanic rock by knocking away the outer layer to expose the light stone underneath. We saw images of birds, men, animals and plenty of snakes and then those strange mystical symbols and mask-like figures that defy my understanding. This is a truly magical and mystical place.

We took a side trip to Acoma to visit a cliff top Pueblo called Sky City. I’d like to thank my guide, Gary, for giving us such a nice introduction to the culture and history of his people

From there we headed up into the mountains, visiting the galleries & museums in Santa Fe and finally to Taos where we visited another pueblo that was very different than the community in Acoma. On Good Friday we joined the pilgrims on their march to El Santuario de Chimayo and visited the well to take away some of the holy earth. I was very humbled by the pilgrims, hundreds of whom walked 75 miles or more up the mountain as an act of penance and devotion.

What struck me most about New Mexico, besides how friendly everyone was, must be the extreme difference in the landscape. Here in New York I am surrounded by miles of grass and I can never see very far because of the trees and hills. There you can see for miles. The sky is ever present and the landscape stark and beautiful with sage and juniper offering the only green in an otherwise red and yellow landscape.

Worth the wait? You bet’cha!



March 2009

As you can see from the photos, March here in New York is not quite spring, but the swans and I can’t resist getting outside. There is ice in many places and not a hint of a green leaf yet. But my snow drops poked through the receding snow, so the daffodils cannot be far behind. On the writing front, the revisions I sent out last month came back as copy edits this month. This is my last chance to change anything before my manuscript becomes a book. I shipped off SIERRA BRIDE in mid-March and you will have it in your hands by August 2009—amazing! The last weekend of the month, I visited my New England friends at their regional conference, Let Your Imagination Take Flight. I was happy to present my workshop, BOOTCAMP for WRITERS, the same one I’ll be presenting at the national conference in July. Now I’m turning my attention to my next historical, tentatively titled, Dakota Sky. This is the story of the daughter of Tom and Sarah West (HIGH PLAINS BRIDE), who was captured by the Sioux and still has the facial tattoos to prove it.


February 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day! This month brought me two nice bits of news. First, my workshop proposal, BOOTCAMP FOR WRITERS, has been accepted by Romance Writers of America for their national conference in Washington, DC. I'll have a chance to practice this new writing program at the New England Conference in Boston this March. I am also attending Book Expo. America in New York City in May, where I'll be signing copies of my last release: OUTLAW BRIDE. In writing news, I've completed my copy edits for my next release, SIERRA BRIDE, which will be on sale in August 2009.

Jenna working on revisions for SIERRA BRIDE.

January 2009

The holiday decorations are back in boxes, but the memories warm me on a cold January morning. I’m getting tired of shoveling snow. My great joy in the winter is to have a Saturday free of all obligations so I can brew a pot of tea and sit down with my characters. I’m writing a new historical proposal right now. The story is very interesting to me as it is set at the end of the Great Sioux Wars, when Native children were separated from their parents to attend boarding schools with the purpose of assimilation. The reading I am doing as research is often tragic. It was such a turbulent time. I am hopeful my publishers will accept a story set in this little represented time period. Keep your fingers crossed


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