2008 NEWS

December 2008

Jenna attended a holiday gathering of her critique group and enjoyed the time out from the holiday bustle to share the company of friends. In writing news, the August Historical release now has a title. Look for SIERRA BRIDE to add to your Summer reading list. Buttercup has been busy too, gifting Jenna with one small egg so far.

November 2008

Jenna met all her deadlines for stories, submitting both a Nocturne and a Historical manuscript this month. The historical, yet unnamed, will be released in August 2009. Jenna’s cockatiel, now called Buttercup, has decided to start another nest behind the keyboard. No eggs yet!


October 2008


Jenna has just accepted a contract to write another paranormal, based on her Dream Stalker series (release date TBA) for Nocturne™. This story, entitled Ghost Stalker, features a wounded Native American shapeshifter whose efforts to lose the three blood-thirsty ghosts that attacked him, places him at the mercy of an enemy healer with supernatural powers as dangerous as his own.

September 2008


Jenna has been asked to write a short sexy paranormal, based on her Dream Stalker series for Nocturne Bites™. This ebook will be available from eHarlequin.com, tentatively called Shadow Stalker and features a bear researcher who discovers that the man who rescued her from her attackers may not be a man at all. Her enemies still want her dead, but the greater danger may be the skinwalker who has appointed himself her protector.

August 2008


Jenna has been selected for All About Romance's Favorite Books by Favorite Authors. Balloting for this round will end on Friday, August 15th, at midnight Please visit and vote at: www.likesbooks.com/favesbyauthorballot.html


June 2008


Jenna is thrilled to announce the sale of her second paranormal to Nocturne. GHOST STALKER is the sequel to DREAM STALKER (Due out in 2009) and features a wounded Native American shapeshifter’s whose efforts to escape three blood-thirsty ghosts, places him at the mercy of an enemy healer with supernatural powers as dangerous as his own.

May 2008

Jenna visited with on of her favorite authors, or rather his likeness, on a trip to NYC's Central Park this month. Hans Christian Anderson's bronze statue includes his famous ugly duckling (far left, Jenna is the one in the middle). The duck will soon have company, because flocks of children gather at this statue on summer Saturdays to hear his tales told by celebrity performers.


April 2008

- In April Jenna attended her first Romantic Times Convention held in Pittsburgh. The parties were glamorous and the attendees enthusiastic. Jenna presented a workshop with fellow Western authors Kate Bridges and Pam Crooks titled: The New Old West: Grittier and Sexier. On leaving the workshop they ran into John DeSalvo a model who has been seen on the cover of over 1000 romance novels.



March 2008


RITA® Finalist!
Jenna is so thrilled to receive her second RITA® nomination from Romance Writers of America® for her novella FALLEN ANGEL from the anthology entitled A WESTERN WINTER WONDERLAND from Harlequin Historicals, October 2007. This collection received a second nomination for Cheryl St. John’s wonderful story, Christmas Day Family.

This month Jenna faced some writing challenges when her cockatiel (formerly known as Captain Mango, but recently renamed Buttercup) laid another egg behind her keyboard and now doesn't want Jenna near her nest. The couple is striving to work out their differences.

February Escape

- My husband & I went south this month to visit the boys of summer. How wonderful to sit in the sunshine and listen to the crack of the bat.

Legends Field is one of my all times favorite places. The Yankees look very good and I’m predicting a pennant victory for 2008.


Snuggling in January

- Scooty and Shadow have the right idea this time of year. It is best to cuddle up on the couch and wait for spring. This month I wanted to share some good news. The anthology collection: A WESTERN WINTER WONDERLAND was a Top Ten Book on eHarlequin.com for the week of December 15, 2007. Thank you to all my readers who picked up the book online and wrote me to say how much they enjoyed Fallen Angel.

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