Western Winter Wedding Bells
October 2010
Harlequin Historical
ISBN-10: 0373296118
ISBN-13: 978-0373296118

Out of print. Available as e-book.

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Behind the Story

Small town Christmas—Three big proposals!

Christmas in Red Willow by Cheryl St. John
Chloe Hanley must save the town church. But only if she can convince reclusive carpenter Owen Reardon to help repair the broken heart of the community and open his own up again— in time for Christmas!

The Sheriff's Housekeeper Bride by Jenna Kernan
Running from her past and a crime she didn't commit, Eliza Flannery bumps into her future—all rugged six-foot sheriff of him! Single father Trent Foerster mistakes her for his housekeeper, but there's no mistaking his desire for a mistletoe kiss from this mysterious miss….

Wearing the Rancher's Ring by Charlene Sands
Cooper Garnett is shot and left for dead near Double J Ranch when widow Rachel Bodine comes to his aid. Could his unexpected arrival be the best Christmas gift ever— a second-chance family for Rachel and her little son?



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Excerpt from The Sheriff's Housekeeper Bride
(Western Winter Wedding Bells anthology)

“Eliza, I want this to be your Christmas, too. You’re a part of the family now.”

She felt her face heat. He was being polite, kind even. But she knew very well that an employee is not and never would be a true part of any family. She’d reconciled that long ago. She, however, was not even a real employee. And she did not deserve to be included in this family until he knew it all.

“That is very generous of you to say,” she began. “But—”

“I’m not just saying it. I mean it.” He touched her chin, lifting it until her eyes met his. “I don’t know how you did it, but Abby has never been so taken with anyone.”

This was about his daughter then, not his feelings. How had it happened so quickly? How had she fallen in love with him in so short a course of days?

Tell him now. Tell him what you’ve done.

She looked into his eyes and saw everything she ever wanted shining back. His skin was rosy from the cold and his warm breath condensed into a vapor when he exhaled.

“Truth be told, it’s not only Addy who’s taken. I am, too.”

Her breathing stopped. What was he saying?

“I only wanted someone to look after Addy. But now I want so much more.”

Eliza lost her tongue completely and could only stare in mute astonishment. She’d already waited too long.

“I have something to tell you,” she blurted.

“After I kiss you.”